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We create the experiences we have by limiting and/or denying our creative power. It is to live in a level of forgetfulness such that we forget we are the creator of our experiences so that we can experience the creation we created. The challenge comes when the creation we experience is no longer serving who and what we are. It is about remembering our creative ability to a sufficient degree to create something that better serves who and what we currently think we are.

As we experience life, often the understanding we gain about ourselves grows and we shed our past image of who and what we thought about ourselves or who and what we thought we were. The identity we give ourselves is much the way a child outgrows their clothes. The simply no longer fit. What we find is the experience we have in life just no longer fit who and what we are perceive ourselves to be. We find it necessary to shed our past and create new experiences that better serve us.

The goal or objective in life from a creativity perspective is to not become trapped in the experience one is having or has had such that one us unable to create something that better serves who and what they are perceiving themselves to be or perceiving they are becoming. We must remember there are no judgements on what we choose to create. There are only consequences for the time and place in which we create. It needs to be understood the judgments you have about what you create are only some of the consequences of the world in which you create. The are not real judgments. The world be different for a different time and place.

One of the more significant consequences for any creation that you choose to experience is inherent to the creative process and it is the need to forget that we are the creators of our experiences so we can have the experience we desire. The problem is much as follows. For example, to have the experience of being lost, one will have to put themselves into a situation to become lost with no hope of figuring out how to find themselves. Then and only then does one know what it means to be lost and have the experience of being lost. If you know in any way you can become “unlost” you will not experience being lost for you will know you are not lost.

So for any experience that you would judge as having an unpleasant aspect to it based on your current thinking you will have to forget you are the creation of the experience and/or exactly how you created it. Otherwise, when you experience the unpleasantness or the unpleasant aspects of the experience, you will change it and deny yourself the experience you, yourself, choose to have for whatever reason you gave yourself.

A similar thing is true for pleasant and joyful experiences. If you remembered you are the creator of the experience and how you created it, you will continue to seek that joy and continually try and create that joy based on the way you did it in the past. That, in turn and/or in time, leads to cyclic behavior of continually recreating the past if not an actual addiction or addictive behavior. That in turn, traps your creative spirit in the past. So here again, it is best to not remember exactly how and why you created something to prevent yourself from being wedded to the past. Remember, many external experience can give us the same or similar internal experiences. So there is no need to remain wed to any given external form no matter how pleasant it is or how much you enjoy it. We only need to remain fixed on the feelings we wish to experience and recreate ourselves as the external world change to give us those feeling

Remember, creation is the experience of creating a situation, forgetting how and why you created its, such that you can have a fully and fresh experience of that situation without the awareness we have created it. When we have had our fill and have sufficiently experienced what we desired, we being to look to create something different. Within our being is an inherent ability to find ourselves and access our creative ability whenever we choose to do.

The quickest way to find ourselves is to feel our way. When one is not being served by the experiences you have, one simply needs to set the intention to (1) live the truth of one’s heart and (2) to allow onself to follow the feeling within one’s being that give them a passion for life and for living, a fulness within their being, or to create whatever mind thinks lies within their heart and (3) act to face what surfaces before you. When you access and align with the feeling of the fulness of being or what gives you life or is pulling into life, there is no disappointment. One is fulfilled. One is simply in wonderment and “Ah” and there is nothing to seek. Seeking and looking evaporate from one’s life. There is only the desire to create and manifest their life in a way that makes them feel fulfilled. There is nothing for which to look.

When we are young and/or are healthy, we think the future will always be there. We never really think about our future - we expect it to be there. When we grow old and/or are faced with a terminal condition we look at death. We begin to doubt the certainty of the future. Do we die and cease to exist? Do we move into an eternal heave or hell? Do we reincarnate in a never ending cycle? Or, does something else happen of which we have no idea or way of knowing? Facing the future in old age or from within a terminal condition is much different than when we were young and/or healthy.

Yet, there is something we know from having observed nature. Life goes on. Life will create new life or life will become food for the life of another. Life itself continues. What is in each of us is a life - a flow of energy which has become aware of itself. Where it goes, what it will do, what it will become I have no idea. But I do know in having experienced life, that life is creative and it can and will create. Energy does not die but only transforms. That creative life energy force with your being doesn’t not die. It will create something.

Following any harvest if you save some of the seeds, there is eventually a new seed planting. You have been working to create a life worth living through these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines.
It is now time to take some of that life worth living that you have found and plow it back into the ground so that when conditions are correct, it will germinate and grow. In this regard, what you believe about yourself, whether you cease to exist, move to heaven or hell, or reincarnate, is not really important. What is important is where the life force that is in you is directed to create.

Here you are offered the opportunity to create the future in a way that serves you and others. In completing these questions, please understand, I have no particular idea what the future holds. But there are some things that are known. We do know the life force, the life energy within your being, continues and that what gives you life will continue somewhere, somehow. Where it flows depends on where it has been and where it is directed. The following questions only explore possibilities such that if any of them are possible you have a role in determining the outcome.

Let’s suppose you cease to exist but your life becomes food for others and you become a part of them and nourish their life. What would you like to nourish in, or through, others? What would you like to see created because of what you gave or give another? What are the dreams for your children and humanity itself? Is there anything you could do now to cause this to happen if this option for the future were true? Ask your intuitive guidance. It will tell you what you can do to fulfill that wish.

Suppose you will move into heaven or hell. Based on the life you have lived and the experiences you have had, what would you like heaven to look like? Similarly, based on the experiences you have had, what would be hell for you - what would it look like? Yes, you are allowed to say spending eternity with my spouse and/or my mother/father-in-law would be hell. If this option were true, is there anything you can do now to create that heaven and keep out of that hell? Here again, ask your intuitive guidance.

Suppose you did reincarnate. What kind of life would you like to live? What would it look like? Would you choose monetary wealth or friendship? Would you live in the mountains or by the sea? Explore your wildest fantasies. If this option were true, is there anything you need to do now to create that life?

Given all that you have experienced in life - not what you were told but what you experienced, what does God look like to you? How would you recognize God?

If you actually have the opportunity to meet with God face to face what would you tell It/Him/Her?

What if you discovered there is no God as such but you are totally free to create whatever you wish. How do you think you would respond - would you be angry, disappointed, happy? What would you create knowing you are the creator of all that you experience.

When all is said and done, based on the life experiences you have had, what pieces of wisdom would you like to give others and/or the world? Write a letter or make a tape as to what you would like to tell the world about the fruits of the life you have lived for however you look at it, the life you have lived, whether you recognize it or not, contains the seeds of the future somewhere, somehow. You only need to observe nature for the truth of this statement to be seen. Also know and remember, every moment you live you are planting the seeds for the future.

There is an old saying which states, “How long do I have to live present before the future arrives?” The answer is the future as is the past is present in the current moment you experience. Who you are and what you experience is the result of your past. So too your future. It is unfolding every moment by how and what you choose and do not choose to think, say, do and remember. It is suggested you think, say, do and remember what serves to move you forward toward a fullness within your being and with a life worth living. The desire to experience a fullness of life will sustain you and catalyze you in a way that gives you more life abundantly. The desire to sustain the life you have as your mind knows it and understand it ultimately will lead to a death in some way or another. The reason for this is mind is continually building a trap based on the past. You need to look to create a fullness in life rather than to sustain the life you have and you will ultimately not be disappointed.

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