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A Daily Practice

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Daily practice is about tithing our time and creative life energy to what we wish to create on a daily basis. If we wish, look at a daily practice as building and maintaining a pathway or roadway to the source of our being and the source/Source of our creative power/Creative Powers.

Our daily practice is just something we do every day to manifest a particular desire or intention. It is to tithe our time and creative life energy in a way we think appropriate to achieve that end. We only need to realize that for a creative endeavor, whatever our mind thinks is appropriate for a daily practice may or may not be appropriate. A true creative endeavor takes us into the unknown where mind had never been. As such, mind does not really know how our creative endeavor will unfold. However, any daily practice we do helps us to face the required sacrifice of creation

The recommendation made here is that our daily practice should do one or a combination of four things.

  • Create the space to access and create a relationship with the inner and outer creative power/Creative Powers as we personally understand them. Here we build a way to access the source/Source as we understand it. Initially it will be a small pathway. In time we can expand and improve upon that path that we have.

  • Maintain a continual relationship with the creative power/Creative Powers as we know them and experience them. Here we keep the pathway clear of obstructions and vegetation. As with any pathway or roadway, when unused, it become overgrow, washed out , covered by sliding rocks or wind swept sand. It takes time and effort to keep a pathway open

  • Improve and expand both our creative power and our access and relationship with the inner and outer creative power/Creative Powers. This is about taking a pathway and making it a roadway. It is about taking a narrow winding roadway and upgrading it by straightening the curves and easing the grades. It is about making a two lane road into a four or maybe even a six or eight lane roadway because of the increased traffic and usage.

  • What we construct to supply, nourish and help us to maintain focus on the feeling for the intention we wish to manifest. Having a relationship with the source/Source is one thing. To utilize that relationship to create and build is another. Here we use the road way we construct to supply what we desire to create with and in our life. Our overall efforts should be focused to creating a life worth living. That is done by doing what is worth doing and not wasting our time and creative life energy on things that do not matter. The daily practice should help keep us focused on that what is worth doing and we have chosen to create.

One important point here is that our daily practice should help us to expand and grow into the awareness of our own being, the fullness of being, and toward the Infinity of our being. We do not necessarily have to work or look expand our creative power and creative ability. That will come naturally. We can do a great deal nonconsciously without every becoming aware of how we do it. But we do need to allow ourselves to expand into the fullness of our own being. Whatever we do in a daily practice should allow for this expansion.

This also means that as we expand the awareness of our own being and our understanding of the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers we will have to drop, evolve or otherwise change the techniques and practices that got us to where we are now. In is much like physically growing up. Although we like the clothes we wore as a child and they no longer fit as we grow. It is not that there is anything wrong with them. They just no longer fit who and what you now are. The same is true for our practices and methodologies especially our relationship with the inner and outer creative power/Creative Powers of the Universe. As we “grow up” we will find much of our past no longer fits and we simply drop it. If the past is not dropping off, then we probably are not growing as we should.

Whatever we choose for a daily practice it should be something that best allows us to access a continual and deepening relationship with the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers as we know them and experience them. We can use what another uses and we can use what another gives us. But we should eat and digest whatever is given. But we should make it our own. It should arise from within our own being

A sample daily practice is provided for review. It was at one time used by the author. No recommendation is made to use it. Rather it is recommended it be reviewed for content and to look at what the author was trying to accomplish with such a daily practice. We each need to create a daily practice that allows us to accomplish what we desire to create.

Additionally, in any creative endeavor, we will need to rely on our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. In this regard it only makes sense to address these abilities in our daily practice. To begin to develop our intuitive guidance, we can ask ourselves, "What do I need to feel, what types and kinds of experience do I need to explore to be able to use the depth and breadth of my intuitive ability?" We need to become aware of what our intuitive guidance presents to us in response to our question as to what we may need to do and then honor the intuitive guidance that we get. To help develop our intuitive guidance and body wisdom we can develop a daily practice of feeling and opening ourselves to feeling. For example, it could be to exposure ourselves to different types and kind of tactile and sensual feeling experiences. Or, it may be to go back and review our early life experience and address do some inner or outer work to address those areas which we shutdown our ability to feel for whatever reason we may have had and place our creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

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