True Freedom and True Creative Freedom


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True Freedom and True Creative Freedom
True Freedom
Freedom, free will and programming
Giving true freedom to another
Creative Freedom
True Creative Freedom

True Freedom (Top)

True freedom is to be like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. It is to allow all that has gone into anything we create to fully dissolve and dissipate back into its fundamental components so they can be available for the next creation. Anything that does not fully dissolve and dissipate is unavailable for the next creation. That in turn, limits what is possible to create the next creation.

However, to create what you want you need to attached the focus of your attention and awareness on whatever it is you desire to create. The dance of creation is to desire with all your heart what you wish to create with the passion of a drowning individual grasping for air. Yet it is to be totally detached being only a witness to the unfoldment of your desires and the experiences it creates. If you can stand apart from your thoughts and your body as a detached witness, realizing you are not your thoughts or your body but rather you are the creator of your thoughts, your body and the experiences you have in your body, you gain the key to freedom. It is the freedom to create whatever you wish. It is that space of freedom that you become the creator/Creator at one with the creation/Creation.

Freedom, free will and programming (Top)

Freedom is to have the option to say yes or no without any constraints or influences forcing one or the other. The consequences may differ but the options to choose are equal and not influences by the consequences. There is no bias one way or another in any way.

Free will is the ability to consciously and knowingly chose one over the other. However, our first response in any situation is most often is a response based on the past conditioning and not necessarily the response that we really desire to make. Nor is it based on freedom. We may have the free will to choose one over the other but we do not necessarily have freedom of choice. That is something pushes us one way or another. Usually what pushes us is subconscious.

To have freedom of choice and not be controlled we have to allow ourselves to explore the depth and breath of our own being. We must go deep enough to explore to find out what is in our best interest at our deepest levels, not what our mind wants and what we think. To have freedom we need to have the freedom to change the programming of the past and to choose against our own best interests. However, until we understand our best interests at the deepest level and the possible ways to achieve it what the mind wants we will not be able to become free for otherwise they will influence us subconsciously.

Our Freedom has been taken away from us for we have not be taught how to freely say yes and no. We are slaves to the way we have been taught to respond to life. It is only when someone creates the space and allows to freely explore both yes and no do we come to understand freedom and free will. Both their power and their consequences. Until we have such a space and experience that freedom, we are a slave to the conditioning and programming that we have been given.

Most of us never freely choose or even have come to learn to feel what it means to have a freedom of choice. Most of us have been so conditioned that we response from our past thinking and experiences and ideas about life that we never look at the decision we have to make in the freedom of having no past and the freedom to have no concern for the future. Rather than acting in true freedom with a free will, or an ability to say yes or no not based on our own best interests, we chose in the interest of others and what they want us to do, what they wants us to believe and/or otherwise want us to be in the world. Most of us have never been taught to discover and explore ourselves to know what is in our own best interests.

True freedom is to be able to say yes or not without influence and threat of consequences. There are consequences to all our actions. Some are more enjoyable than others. However, the fear of consequences from external influences or internal past programming does not give freedom. True freedom is being free to accept the consequences whether or not we ultimately judge them good or bad. This includes the freedom of fear of potential pain. In many ways innocence and naiveness are the only ways to guarantee true freedom. Hence the state of spontaneous and innocent state of childlike play as being is the most creative state you can enter. Spontaneous and innocent play allows one to explore the options without taking any one of then seriously.

Giving true freedom to another (Top)

The person who can be in your life and give true freedom is one who says something equivalent to the following: “You have given me the most exquisite pleasures anyone could ask for. I am so full of life I am bursting forth with what you have caused to happen within me. All I can do is give what is within me to the world and share it with others. If you are so lead, feel free to give to another what you have given to me. I can deny no one what I have found and been given. If you are the vehicle to what I have found, all I can do is share you with others in the way you are lead to share yourself.” Such a person will not attempt to own or control you or your actions no matter how wonderful they feel they have become because you were in their life.

Creative Freedom (Top)

Most of us are not free in all aspects and/or all areas of our life. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes this is bad. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to a creative endeavor we must be at least free to explore the options in our own mind and/or within the minds of others. Although we may not be free to implement the options we can access and explore, we cannot deny the exploration because of that reason. We must be able to freely play with the situation we face to find those creative solutions that go to the depth of the situation and address the root of the issue we face. We cannot do that if we limit our own thinking by the limits imposed externally.

There is a concept which comes from mathematics call complex integration that parallels the exploration of creative ideas. Quite simply the technique is to go into a combination of real and imaginary space, solve a problem that is insolvable in real space, and bring back the real part of the solution that is found. Creative freedom is the ability to do the same thing. It is to go into the creative imagination and to freely explore options without constrain. It may also require play with options in prototyping, metatheater, and other forms of physical play. Free exploration allows us to both get to the root of our issue and to find ways around obstacles that are otherwise not possible to overcome. To hold our creativity scared, as a minimum, is to allow our selves free exploration of all options within our own mind whether or not all those solutions can be brought into the world

True creative freedom (Top)

True creative freedom has two parts. It is about being free to explore any and all options and possibilities within our creative imagination  without attachment or constraints to any of the options. It is then about being free to finding a way to bring into Physical Creation a figurative or literal manifestation of the desired possibilities. Rituals, ceremonies, prototyping, metatheater are the usually ways in which the explored possibilities are brought into manifestation. In manifesting the explored possibility, we can look to see if the feel of what we create is what we desire to actually manifest. If what we manifest as a ritual, ceremony, prototype or metathater does not give us the feeling we desire, we can go back and bring other explored options into manifestation to see which if any meets our needs. When we find that option, we are the free to recreate our life around that option.

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