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As an independent and individuated point of consciousness, there are three ways that anyone consciousness can create. They are: create a world unto ourselves, creating with another, and creation within an existing creation. As a physical human being we experience all three ways simultaneously.

The shared aspects of creation/Creation refers to the aspects shared between two independent entities to experience a joint creation and/or the aspects shared between and independent entity and a creation to experience creating within a creation. When there are more than two independent consciousnesses sharing a creation the shared aspects gives rise to a collective. That is, the collective is reflective of all that is held in common and shared between the all the independent entities participating in the shared creation or experience.

As a human within Physical Creation we are an independent consciousness and a world unto ourselves. However, we share the human physical experience with other individuated points of consciousness. As a human being we share the human collective. However, as a mammal we share a mammalian collective and as a life form on earth we share the collective of all living organisms. Similarly when we share a joint intention with another or participate in a joint experience there will be shared aspects that allow for that joint intention and/or experience.

It is through the shared aspect that we can have common experiences. It is through the common experience and the shared aspects which give rise to the common experiences that we are able to communicate with another. Similarly, the more common experiences we have with another the greater the number of shared aspects and the greater the bond we feel with another.

The shared aspects can be shared beliefs or beliefs held in common. Shared beliefs would be a belief where the individuals know each other and have the same belief. Beliefs held in common would be two individuals not knowing each other and have no connection with each other in any way but they believe the same thing. Or, the shared aspect can be common experiences as between two individuals and/or experiences within a common environment much as two human being on different side of the planet earth experiencing rain or snow. What is important about shared aspects is these connections can keep us bound to certain types and kinds of experiences without our awareness as to how or why we are being pulled into the experience.

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