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Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is a powerful technology of creativity. It is based on a unique interdisciplinary understanding of our creative ability and creative power and our inherent and unlimited creativity which can be used for whatever we desire to create.

Relative to any creative endeavor, the mind which created the current situation we face is not the mind that will create what we desire. Shifting consciousness for any creative endeavor is about breaking out of the mold of preconceived thinking. It is to break out of our current mind to access our creative spirit and our true nature and inherent creativity and/or to know the infinity of our being to a sufficient degree to create what we desire.

There is an old proverb: "Give an individual a fish, they eat for a day. Teach the individual how to fish and they eat for a life time." The approach used here is to learn how create what we desire for anything we desire. It is to move to access the depth and breadth of our true inherent creativity

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity addresses two separate but related aspects of our creativity. Each is reflective of an aspect of the interdisciplinary nature of the understanding. One is about the infinity of our being and the other is about our creative ability and creative power. In addressing each separately, a bridge can be built to provide a way to readily move between these two aspects if we so desire to do so.

The infinity of our being
(finding Nirvana and finding Heaven here and now)

One aspects addresses freeing what is best described as our creative spirit from a cage of our own making to access our unlimited creativity through a gentle phoenix process. Doing so provides a way that individuals can access a more satisfying and fulfilling life. For some, this provides the door way to ultimate mystical experience individuals seek. But, in reality, It is really about finding that traditional Heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana hear and now.

The aspect is more related to what can be called the mystical and spiritual aspects of our creativity. The full discussion as to exactly what this aspect is about is found in the topic, "What is Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity - an April 2008 Update." Studying this aspect about our inner creative ability and creative power and is most related to finding inner satisfaction, the love of one’s life, a soul mate, a beloved or the Beloved and the like.

Given all the baggage and unrealistic beliefs about Heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana, alternatively and more appropriately it can be said it is to access the infinity of our being. Such an experience is an experience of some type which can be described as the experience of our awareness within a sea of energy with no boundaries. This awareness of the infinity of our own being bring a great satisfaction in and with life. Having experienced the infinity of our being consciously, that Nirvana, we can now go there here and now. All we need is that one experience which takes us there. The memory of the experience and the awareness of the infinity of our being is sufficient to let us life our life close to if not in that Heaven here and now. All that keeps us from going there is our own mind. It is about living our life in the awareness of the Source of Creation and the source of our being.

The key is to have the experience. Then, in the awareness of what has been experience, allow that knowledge and understanding guide our life. Alternatively said, create a seed condition and then allow the seed to grow and unfold in our life transforming our life to one of greater satisfaction that which mind can imagine.

The experiences of Jill Bolte Taylor confirmed the path to get there - that is we need to get outside of the left brain - our thinking and judging mind. The Jill Bolte Taylor experience clearly demonstrates, and she has said in her interviews, it is the left side of the brain that keeps us from the infinity of our own being. What we think and believe does not allow us to see who and what we really are and the connections we have with each other. It is our mind that keeps us out of the very satisfaction we and it seeks.

The challenge is to get out of mind and what we think and believe. When we get out of the left side of the brain we lose all the judgments, opinions and biases about others. It is all about flushing out the mind or erasing it much like erasing the hard drive of a computer. But there is of course the fear of how do we function if we truly empty ourselves. The issue is to empty oneself sufficient to get out of mind but remain sufficiently in touch with the mind so as to remain functional. Part of this answer may be a dance - learning the dance between heart and mind.

Our creative ability and creative power

The other aspect addressed managing and controlling creative energy in general but, in particular, our creative life energy and it expression in the external world. It is to learn how to consciously use our inherent and unlimited creativity to direct the energy which gives rise to creating any experiences we have including experiences as discussed in the April 2008 Update. This aspect of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is about creating what we desire to experience in, and with, our life, whether it be a spiritual, mental, emotion or physical experience. Studying this aspect is about our outer and inner creative power and most related to finding success in the external world.

Creative ability lies in knowing and understand ourselves sand our world. We need a perspective about ourselves and Creation which allows us to access the full depth and breadth of who and what we are. In this regard, we need to empty the left brain and all it thinks on a topic so as to look for the creative solutions we seek. The mind that created our problem/issue is not the mind that will solve it.

Our creative power lies in what we feel. The more we are open to feeling the greater the creative power we can access. This, of course, means to removing all the reason why we shut down our ability to feel in life as a result of life.

The approach

The approach used here is to access the truth within our being. It has been observed that when we become our truth and live our truth in the world we access and inner satisfaction and inner peace that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world.

In first accessing the truth of our being, we can then move to create whatever we desire and not lose focus of that inner satisfaction and inner peace and become distracted by the needs of the mundane world. Accessing the truth of our being has been found to be one of the faster, easier and gentler ways to go about accessing our inherent creativity for whatever we desire to create and/or accessing the infinity of our being

After accessing the truth of our being we come to the proverbial fork in the road and what we desire becomes very important. The mind which created our current situation is not the mind that create the experience we desire. Otherwise, we would already have the experience or know how to create the experience we desire. The path we need to take to gain the concepts, understanding and beliefs to create what we desire depends on what we desire.

In looking to move through any different perspective our path will be unique. Although there are generic aspects that can used to guide us through any particular perspectives and another, or others, can assist us in our journey, it is a solo journey. No one can do it for us or tell us exactly how to do it. We will have to rely on our own truth and our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and inner knowing to ultimately be our guide. In taking this journey to change our perspective often we will seem to spiral around through aspects of our being and understanding seemingly continually returning to the past but going deeper with each pass through. At one level it appears we are just going around in a circle. But, in reality, we move into deeper and deeper levels of awareness.

Working the two aspects of freeing our creative spirit and managing our creative life energy, together provides the path to claiming our birthright as a creative being and to create a life worth living.

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity builds on the relationship our creative spirit has with our body to access the inner and outer creative ability and creative power necessary for our creative endeavor and to see and understand how  our inner world is reflected in the outer.

To access our inner creative ability and creative power, we need to discern the two views of Creation. We need to learn to discern the view of the mind and view of the heart, and to learn to dance between the two views. To access the outer creative ability and creative power, we need to come to understand the nature of the seen and experienced Physical Creation and unseen realms of Creation and how what we desire to create does, or does not, align with the perspective of our society holds about creation and what it means to be a human being in Physical Creation.

The cross reference of the Jill Bolte Taylor experience with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topics provides sort of a road map as to exactly what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material is capable of achieving this integration and perspective..

The key fundamental understanding is that creative power lies in feeling and it is the deeply held desires which have strong feelings which lie below the shallow desires of mind to have a particular type and kind of feeling are what acts as  undercurrents and drives our life creating our experiences.

We are a creative living process, continually changing and transformation ourselves. Desires of the mind can vanish when we have new life experiences and/or we change what we think and believe. Deeply held desires and feelings lie below the shallow mind. Deeply held desires do not readily change. Our problem is when we have experiences of life and/or our enculturation create a desire or feeling that lies below the normal shallowness of mind. Most often the "lie below normal mind" desires and feelings from this life go back to some of the very first programming and experiences of life. As such, they lie so deeply buried in our current mind not readily available to the conscious mind. They do not necessary reflect the essence of our being and our reason for incarnating but they act to control our life as though they do.

It needs to be understood, mind is like the ocean and but mind is infinitely deep. There is no break between the most shallow layer of the ocean at the surface and deepest layer at the bottom which maybe lying miles below the surface. In essence we have what appears to be two minds that are similarly connected as the surface and the bottom of the ocean. The bottom portion is our transcendental mind which is capable of transcending any and all experiences we have in Creation. Then there is the current mind which is normally confined to our current life. Our creative power lies in what is accessed and/or what penetrates from our transcendental mind. Normally these two minds remain separate, but there is a spill over between the two minds. Much the way there can be mixture between the deeper and shallower layers of the ocean under the correct conditions, there is mixing between the two minds in certain conditions. How the two minds mix is what gives rise to the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences.

The intention for our life is which sets up the boundary conditions between these two minds. It determined how much of our transcendental mind spills over into our current mind to act as an undercurrent pulling us through life. The challenge is to look at and explore our deepest feelings, It is to learn to discern those that are arising from the intention for our life and what we desires to experience in the life and those that arise from our enculturation and experiences we have had in life that lie below the normal desires of mind.

To do this we must be able to discern to two views of Creation to discern what each is telling us. We need to first look at the view of the mind and what mind wants. This is about understanding what we think and believe and have to come to know and understand about how we think Creation works and who and what we think we are. In understanding the view of the mind we can begin to see how mind biases what we experience.

We then need to explore the view of the heart and what the heart wants. To explore the view of the heart is to be out of mind - that is, out of the thinking judging left brain thinking mind - and move toward what we feeling and into our feelings. It is to look at our creativity and our creative imagination  and what causes feelings to arise within us. Here we look at the types of creativity activities to which we are draw and to look to see where we are free and not free to explore options initially in our creative imagination and then in life. Here we look to enter a state of creative play moving as much as we can toward a childlike spontaneous and innocent exploration of ourselves and our world.

After exploring each of these views we then look at opening ourselves to feeling and dealing with the issues as to why we shut down our ability to feel in the past. As we open ourselves to what we feel, we will be able to begin to discern the feelings that arise from our current life experiences and our enculturation and those which arise from the intention for our life. In doing so, we can shift the focus of our attention and awareness into those feelings which create life within our being, give us a passion for life and a desire to engage life. Here we move away from mind into what we incarnated to do and to do what brought us into life. In doing so, we optimize our creative power and open the door to accessing our inherent unlimited creativity.

In accessing our unlimited creativity, we are now in a position to create whatever we desire in life realizing. Of course, this includes realizing we are in a shared creation for specific experiences and we many have to do some work relative to being in a shared creation, dealing with rules of Physical Creation and society, and/or the intention for our life.

How much work do I need to do?

The principle followed in all Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity work used to help show the individual how access and use their inherent creativity is to "teach the individual how to fish" and "to become wise" according to two proverbs. The proverbs are.: "Give an individual a fish, they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, they eat for a lifetime" and "An individual learns from their mistakes. A wise individual learns from the mistakes of others. A follow never learns."

We each are unique. Exactly what any one individual will need to do and what they will face is unique to them. What is described in is the general and generic aspects of accessing using our inherent creative ability and creative power. What we can expect is that our journey in to exploring and utilizing our creativity tends to be spiral like. That is we seemingly continue to address items and issues we previously addressed but at a deeper and more profound level much like pealing the layers of an onion

How long does it take? It has been observed as little as a few week to as long a eight years. In this regard there to create anything, including accessing the depth and breadth of our creativity, there is a fast way and a slow way and a masculine way and feminine way. How we choose to proceed is our choice. .

The biggest issues one faces in whatever they create

The issue is mind. The mind that created our problem/issue is not the mind that will solve it.

Stepping out of mind as we know it

Dying before we die - the mind that created the problem is not the mind that will solve the problem.

Opening ourselves to feeling and the flow of energy and dealing with the pain of the past and where our creativity was thwarted

Discerning what we feel - especially the subtle differences and learning to use what we feel as an internal compass.

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