Becoming our truth - choosing to become the Phoenix


Alternatively said, the path of the mind

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In work done in conjunction with Dr. Nahid Mokhtari, it was found becoming our truth could be segmented into seven steps. The steps can be done alone, with another within the frame work of something like the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, or they can be address under the guidance of a coach/mentor/teacher.

In many ways the approach presented here is to choose to become the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mythical bird with the ability to recreate itself. When it saw its end drawing near, it would destroy itself in a fire created from the nest it had created only to rise again reborn from the ashes. To be able to destroy itself and rise from its own ashes, all the Phoenix needed to do was to be true to itself and its own nature. In essence, the approach is to start with the end in mind. It is to start with the premise we each have the ability to totally destroy ourselves and rise reborn from the ashes. The only question is, “what is it we wish to create?”

Becoming our truth as a journey is to undertake a journey of discovery and exploration as to what keeps us from living and feeling expressing the truth of our being and how we have created the experiences we have, and, in many cases, why. To undertake this journey, we need to either accept the premise that the true of our being is to have the ability to recreate ourselves at will, or at least, entertain the possibility of having such a truth and explore to see if it is in fact true.

The mistake most often made in becoming our truth is that our mind steps in with its understanding. It makes a determination as to what it thinks our truth is. It then believes the determination it makes and we never get to experience the truth depth and breadth of our truth. However, if we have learned to also look at our creative passion and/or the fulness of their being to see if we have created a life worth living and/or have a fulness of being, we will know if mind has stepped in with it judgements.

The seven steps of this journey are listed here. Each is subsequently discussed with some recommendations as to how we can proceed to address the step. How we choose to do it is unique to who and what we are and is our choice.

The seven steps to becoming our truth

1. Initial Realization - Avoiding the pain of life: We learn to deny our truth and not live true to the essence of our being one way or another to one degree or another. Need to tell our story to look beyond the story we tell.

2. Mask of the heart We learn to respond to life in a way that allows us to be acceptable to, and/or survive in, the world in which we find ourselves at the expense of our own truth. Some do it better than others. Need to look at how we respond to life and see where we do or do not live our truth. This part of the process requires awakening what is symbolized in the heart if not awakened.

3. Dying before we die: We each have to remove the mask and allow ourselves to feel the pain that the mask has been designed to shield. To do so, we needs to a) step out of mind, who we think and come to believe we are, and b) step out of the programming we have adopted to become acceptable. It is about learning to die before we die. It’s also known as the dark night of the soul and/or depth of pleasure and the depth of pain. It is about allowing ourselves to face the pain [and joy] of life in a safe and secure space without the mask.

4. Emptying oneself: We need to journey into the underworld and the unknown to find our true identity [This is the traditional hero’s/heroin’s journey to find the treasure - the gift we incarnated to bring into the world.] The question is for all of us, "How deep are we willing to we go?" Total or partial emptying of oneself is a simultaneous spiraling "down" while paradoxically spiraling "up." To explore the depth and breath of our pain[and pleasure] without the mask – this means taking oursleves apart piece by piece.

5. Declaring oneself: Claim the gift(s) and bring it (them) back. Traditional renaming and/or declaring oneself and the gifts we have to give. We can only give to the level we have gone. We cannot give what we do not have. Declaring onself is about putting the pieces back together in awareness of both the depth and breath of our being.

6. Becoming a conscious creator: Recreate ourselves true to who and what we are and the gifts we have found (the gifts we incarnated to bring) in a way that allows us to function in our truth and live our unique role in the world in which we live. It can be experienced as the Kundulini rising. It is to choose what we desire to create from within a wholeness of being in light of the reason for our incarnation.

7. Becoming a creator - creation: Become true to who and what we are as we live in the world and become a light unto ourselves. Embracing the Creation and becoming the Creator, that God within, recreating the world in which we live true to who and what we are. It is to change the existing world not because the existing world is bad or good, rather it no longer serves who and what we are. It is being our truth, at One with All That Is.

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