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The author and developer of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity, Ken Ferlic, is inherently a mystic who was formally trained as an energy physicist. These two seemingly diverse but yet interrelated backgrounds help explain the interdisciplinary aspect of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and gave rise to his mystical path and professional path respectively as introduced below. In many ways you could say he lived in a world of separation where these two paths were separate until they come back together in the Ultimate Accident.

How and why it said he is inherently a mystic is provided in the discussion similarly entitled “Inherently a Mystic.” Why he became an energy physicist is similarly discussed in “Why Become a Physicist.” In actually, although not aware of it at the time, his decision to become an energy physicist arose out of the best acceptable expression he found early in life for his mystical nature and about what he understood needed to be learned

His first conscious attempt to bridge these seemingly separate worlds of mysticism and energy physics occurred in graduate school where we began to contemplate if the human body was an energy detector. Working every day with unseen energy and only using an instrument to detect the presence of the energy, he wonder if the human body were properly calibrate could it not be use to sense unseen energy. At that time it was only a thought. But it grew into action years later.

His first conscious experience of memory that he would consider a shamanic experience and/or mystical experience of occurred at age three. Obviously unknown to him at the time, this ultimately set the stage for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. It was this experience which set the understanding for the need to nourish our creative spirit, and what occurs if it is not nourished, and the role of the nurturing feminine creative aspect in the creation process. The importance of role of the nurturing feminine creative energy in the creative process to create a safe space for unfoldment and how it is utilized in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is metaphorically reflected in a dream of one of he author’s early clients.

In seeing the author’s focus on the nurturing feminine creative energy, some would say he has unconsciously spent his life trying to resolve a traumatic experience of very early life he experienced as a child. In a shallow view of life this could be considered absolutely correct. However, if you experience the source of your being and embrace your creative power by holding your creativity sacred, you will see an entirely different view of yourself, what it means to be human and Creation, and why this childhood experience was so important. The early experience, as do all experience imprinted a feeling in his subconscious that become a key factor in developing the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. If you explore the depth and breadth of your creativity, you too will find deep undercurrents to life that carry your to certain types and kinds of needed experiences that are much harder to discard than merely seeing them as a life experience never fully resolved as a child or within a child’s mind.

The author has a Bachelors and Master of Science in Physics and postgraduate education in nuclear/radiation physics. Being a mystic and an energy physicist, he essentially lived what appeared to be two separate but periodically overlapping paths for the first half of his life. The second half of his life started when he remembered what he incarnated to do when we stumbled into the Ultimate Accident and experienced the Source of Creation.

One path, the professional path was based on his formal training. It was a more conscious path where he thought he was making the decisions for his life and choosing the career path he was following This path was based on his enculturation and how he thought he was suppose to live life and how he was taught the world worked. It is best described as the enculturated ego path for it reflects the information his ego would use to define itself until his ego was shattered much like the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. It would take years for him to understand the depth and breadth of his mystical nature and what it really meant. Throughout this path was a deep undercurrent nudging him in a particular direction. Exactly what that undercurrent meant and what was it cause only occurred after the remembering.

The professional path was creatively a very masculine orientated path. It was dominated by the “I” and what “I” wanted and/or “I” thought was important and thought success to be. It was very much about the ego thrusting out into the world and making a mark in the world. It was about making a mark in the way mind thought a mark needed to be made. (More on ....the professional path)

The other path was the mystical path. It was a path not necessarily embraced by the ego. This path tended to be more of an unconscious path only occasionally surfacing. It laid behind the scene as an undercurrent. Although it did surface from time to time, it was never seen for what it was. The mystical path was a path he pursued more out of an internal feeling to seek certain things in life the ego did not necessarily embrace or understand. There were certain things he just had to do or otherwise there would be an inner pain, longing or incessant pulling. These internal feeling can be described as the essence of one’s internal compass and a methodology has been provided to access and calibrate your internal compass. In time, the mystical path grew into something much larger and more important than his mind could expect. In reality it reflected the undercurrent of his life and the unfoldment of his creative spirit. This path was only revealed for what it was when he stepped out of his enculturated programming and how he thought life was suppose to work. That, of course, is another story and the occasion of the Ultimate Accident.

The mystical path was creatively a very feminine and nurturing path. It nourished and energized the life that was unfolding but never looked to make itself known. It only revealed itself what it was needed to come forth and help to manifest a new creation. (More on .... the mystical path)

The two paths were eventually brought together and reversed in developing the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. The mystical path is the path that ultimately gave rise to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. Although it was the understanding of energy that came from being trained in physics, it was the awakening of the feminine that nurtured the unfoldment of the awareness behind the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology that gave rise to the Technology as you now see it. In essence, the feminine had to learn to thrust out into the world and the masculine has to surrender and nurture that now thrusting feminine. This reversal of the masculine and feminine aspects of our being is what needs to occur within each of us if we are going to bridge the separation individuals feel between their inner and outer worlds. It then turns into a series of dances. A dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine (the inner dance), a dance between our creative spirit (our inner world) and the world in which we find ourselves (the outer dance) and the dance of the creator and its creation.

Working with energy applications and ways to ensure the safe application of energy on the professional path provided the framework for understanding as to how we create our experiences and how to manage the energy that give rise to our experiences. That energy framework allows for bridging from the unseen world of energy and the world of the creative imagination to manifest those creative inspirations in the physical world. But it was the awareness of the flow of the nurturing energy that arises through the feminine and surrendering to that energy which provided the unfoldment.

In essence there was a marriage of the two separate paths. The marriage of the two occurred in the Ultimate Accident which precipitated an intense ten year conscious effort exploring the motivation for the creative actions of individuals. What started out in a conscious journey to explore organizational creativity turned into an exploration of the deeper parts of our inner world and a journey into the world of mysticism and shamanism.

It was a journey into mysticism for it relied on the author’s intuitive guidance and internal source of knowledge to guide him rather than is enculturated mind. It was a journey into shamanism in two ways. It was his unique experience of the unseen world where he needed to relay on his intuitive guidance and internal compass to guide him in the darkness of the unseen world, the subconscious world and the unknown. It was also a journey into shamanism for he experience several of the types and kinds of events of a traditional shamanic initiation that many shamans encounter in their life.

In many ways what the author thought was a journey to exploring organizational creativity was a courtship. The masculine mind courted the feminine intuitive guidance through exploring the nature of creativity. That is, the author began to creative play and experiment with his intuitive guidance. In time, he began to use his intuitive guidance to guide his exploration of organizational creativity. It that exploration, the author began to trust and relay on his intuitive guidance more and more. In actually, is was increasing the probably of the Ultimate Accident.

But is was the Ultimate Accident that cause the two paths to merge and to consciously experience the oneness of all that is and the seen and unseen worlds. In that merging, the mind was shattered and the feminine took over the process. The was both a role reversal and simultaneously a conception that grew into the role reversal. In essences the feminine became impregnated with the seed that was within mind to eventually birth and nurture an understanding. In the way a seed must die to germinate within a fertile space to grown into a plant, so too what was discovered in the journey into creativity. The seed of understanding about creativity and how we create that lied within mind had to die to grow into what was carried within that seed. What occurred was only reflective of the creative process of which we all are part.

Alternatively said, There are two types of understanding: mental and experiential. The mental understanding about creativity and how we create our experiences had to be embodied and lived. The mental had to become the experience. This switch occur with the Ultimate Accident were the mental understanding was embodied in action. Using what he had come to learn about creativity and how he understood how the universe worked up to that time, in essence the author created both an initiation and creation ritual. What he created created the occasion for an experience of the Ultimate Accident and a journey to the source/Source. That experience in turn was the quivalent of a shamanic initiation.

The understanding within mind about creativity was a seed encapsulated within mind. When the ego was shattered as to how it thought creativity and creation worked the nurturing feminine creative energy within the mystical path was allow to take over the process. It could be said, a second journey into creativity start. That was, a journey of understanding how to bridge the seen and unseen worlds of energy. The journey was to bridge what mind is capable of knowing and understanding with what it cannot understand but can only be felt through feeling the flow of energy nurturing any creation. This marriage resulted in an unfoldment of an understanding and another ten year focus on creativity and energy. This part of the journey was to synthesized how to communicate the understanding that was revealed in the Ultimate Accident.

In the end the author found it necessary to recycle his life experiences within a new light. Those experiences then become the vehicle for communicating the understanding. All that he had ever accomplished - the workshops, lectures and consultations on creativity - and his life experience were to become the vehicle to both (1) communicate the awareness of how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences and (2) how to increase the probably of the ultimate accident through the use of creative play.

What is most interesting to note about the journey into creativity is the metaphoric aspects of the events in our life. If the events were taken a face value the creative process, the power of intention, the roles of the masculine and feminine, and the dance between the inner world and outer world would never have been seen for what they are. The author continually had to look at what lied behind the events as they were experienced and at the process which was unfolding. Creativity is the language of consciousness and it is through what we create within our mind and in our external world that we can being to understand what our consciousness is revealing about itself and who and what it thinks it is..

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