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In the discussion, “Finding An Alternative Way” is it stated: What the author didn’t know nor understand at the time was he moving to a turning point that was reached in the Ultimate Accident. In essence this choice to explore the unseen energy of Creation was the beginning to move from his professional path and the way he was taught to view and to live his life to his mystical path

The Ultimate Accident was the turning point where the author moved from embracing his professional path to surfacing and embracing his mystical path. For the author to claim that any one action created the Ultimate Accident would incorrect. To claim he was destined to experience it would also be incorrect. To claim that following the recommendation and offer he received at Virginia Beach would be incorrect. Yet, they were all part of it.

All that he can really say is that each of them along with several other things he did seemed to create conditions that made the probability of the Ultimate Accident almost a certainty. In hindsight it can be said that he created a critical mass of enlightenment within his own life. That is, he consciously and nonconsciously assembled a set of conditions in his life that allowed for the experience of the Ultimate Accident. In essence he created a critical mass of conditions that blew apart his ego and the world as he knew it and understood it. That in turn, allowed him to experience the Source/source.

His enlightenment was about creativity, creation and how we create the experiences we have and create the reality of those experiences. That was focus of his awareness when he stumbled into the Ultimate Accident. It was the understanding with which he came out. What awareness you create if you were to create a similar critical mass of conditions in your life would depend on the intention you hold and your focus in life when you enter it.

It needs to be remembered that when the author chose to experiment to see if he could create a Critical Mass of Enlightenment he was not looking to necessarily create an enlightenment within himself. He was looking to create a critical mass of individuals within the world. Since he did not really know what enlightenment was, it only made sense that if he was to create something to do with enlightenment in the world, he would have to have an enlightening experience or somehow become enlightened as to how to create it. Since he didn’t know what enlightenment was or what he needed to do become enlightened about how to actually do the Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment, he had no way to prepare for it. So whatever he did may or may not have been a contributing factor. He had no way of really telling.

Similarly, although he did have an enlightening experience about the source/Source of his creative power in the Ultimate Accident, because of how we experience the infinity of creation we cannot necessarily give an accurate rendition of either how we stumbled into it or how we created it. This problem is discussed in “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind

On the point of enlightenment, many authors state their opinion on what it is and many point to individuals who they say are enlightened. The author of this material does not say he is enlighten in the way enlightenment is normally discussed and/or sought after. Rather, he will say he has been enlightened about creativity and the creative process of which we are all a part. He can also say for him to obtain the enlightenment he gained, there needed to be a collapse of the world as he knew it and who and what he understood himself to be.

It is important to note, the author was not desperate when he stumbled into the Ultimate Accident. It can be said that life did not seem to be giving him and others what mind had promised. He saw much dissatisfaction in life. He was disappointed with what he was experiencing in his profession life and could always capitalize on his professional credentials to do some different but that would not have solved the issue of life not giving what has been promised.

He, himself, was not so much dissatisfied with life but rather, he was looking to do something more interesting in life. He was looking for something to which was worth giving his life or devoting his life. He undertook the Critical Mass of Enlightenment purely as play. In the process he did stumble across the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix. That is, a faster, easier and gentler way for individuals to transform themselves than has been available in the past. He found it could be created at several different levels depending on the conditions which could be created.

The following are the conditions that the author recalls existed in his life at the time he stumbled into the Ultimate Accident that he feels contributed to making the experience possible. Some came from the heart with a deep desire. Others were of the mind and simply perceived as the best way to go - for example the choice to do the Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment and the various rituals created to access and align the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers. The key to all of them was that the author was willing to step out of mind to get what he sought.

The question that can be asked is, “Are the following the elements necessary to create a critical mass of enlightenment for your life?” The true answer is, “I don’t know.” How many of them are necessary and will be the same conditions apply to you is not known. The author has his suspicions in witnessing the lives of others but each individual will be unique. But it can be said without a doubt, if you have these conditions in your life, you will greatly increase the probability of such an event as the Ultimate Accident of occurring in your life.

A dissatisfaction with what is: Life did not leave an excitement. As was said, the author was not desperate but he was looking for something more exciting. The issue here was he had come to the realization mind was not able to provide what he was seeking in life. In essence he had set the intention and was willing to step out of mind and what he thought and believed about how the world worked.

A conscious choice to follow one’s own path: In time, the author began to become aware that the enculturation and programming provided to him was not allowing him to live true to himself. There came a point shortly before the Ultimate Accident that he chose to follow his heart, his unique path, no matter what the cost. He determined that path by following what gave him a fullness within his being. In the past he would compromise himself. Now he choose to do what he needed to do.

Guiding principles for his life - “Do what I find fun to do”: A guiding principle the author used all his life and which he was applying at this time was to do what he found fun to do. Or, rather than say fun, to do what gave him a fullness within his being and allowed him to feel enthused with life and a desire to live. This, in turn, is the essence of the internal compass. Throughout his life, including he professional life, he always look for that which he found enjoyable to do. When a job no longer was enjoyable and become repetitious, he would seek a new job. This guiding principle in the author’s life has been the basis of the recommendation made in the creativity perspective to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth and to use what is effective in your life.

Actively engaged in creativity: At this time the author was actively engaged in creativity both in his professional and private life. Professionally he was exploring individual and organizational creativity. Privately, he had been asked to be the Executive Director of a
mind body foundation and was actively engaged in helping to create it. It is to be noted the mind body foundation was not really exciting to him and he was not really interested in the healing aspects of the foundation. Rather it was just something worth doing.

Profound desire to do something worth doing: The author had, and has, a profound desire to do something worth doing. If he was going to give is life to something, he wanted it to be something to which it was worth giving his life. Alternatively said, he wanted to do something for which it was worth dying because he knew he would give his life to it.

A desire for something bigger than himself: In addition to seeking something worth doing in life, he was also seeking something much bigger than himself. He was not seeking it as ego gratification. Rather is was about being aligned with something of lasting value that would not change as the ego shifted what it desires to experience in life. He was seeking something that was large enough such that whatever way he ego decided to go, there was plenty of room in which to move but yet still stay focused in the same direction. That is, all that his ego could dream up to do and experience in life would focus toward the same endpoint.

A deep desire to play: The author had a deep desire to creatively play and experiment. He chose to see if he could create a Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment simply as play. There was no ego desire in trying the Experiment. He was not looking to prove anything to any body. He simply was looking for something sufficient fun and challenging. He had no thoughts of really succeeding for he knew he did not consciously know what he was trying to create. It was done more under the classic motivation, “It sounded like a good idea at the time.”

An intention for unconditional love: It was clear in the author’s mind that whatever he created in life depended on him and his attitude. He could not look to another for what he himself did not have. If he wanted to create a world of love he had to become it at each and every level of his being, He also new he had to become unconditional. He could not give with the direct expectation of return He knew he had to become accepting of those he did not like. He sought to change what needed to be changed within himself. He did not look for the world to change first.

He was open to assignment: What was not consciously realized, but was nevertheless true, was that the author was open for assignment. That is, he was willing to do what the Universe asked him to do. There are many things he wanted in life. Yet he was willing to surrender to a higher “calling” if he felt the higher calling served what he felt was within his heart. In many ways he was looking for that individual to come along and say, “I have the deal of a lifetime.” But he was not seeking a deal where he ego was necessarily satisfied. He was looking for an inner satisfaction about life that came from the depth of his being. On this point, the author was willing to accept the offer provided and outlined by the Universe at Virginia Beach. Although what was outlined was nothing he had to do but he had to be willing to accept the opportunities as they arose, when they arose.

The desire to find an alternative way to live life to be more fulfilling to people: The author saw and experienced many dissatisfied and disillusioned “successful” individuals. He knew deep within his being there must be an alternative way to live life as opposed to the one he saw being given to individuals. So he acted to find such a way. He did not look to another to do what he, himself, could do.

Willingness to create the space for another: The author was willing to create the space for another and do whatever was necessary for what was in their heart to become free to unfold true to itself. He did not limit this willing to an individual but was willing to freely give it to whomever was willing to accept the space that he gave - several accepted, several refused.

Willingness to look into the heart of another: There was great symbolism in connecting a piece of string between two hearts with a check valve to only let the flow go one way. Symbolically he took the heart of another an made it his own to be able to understand what was motivating an individual. Symbolically it was about stepping out of mind and ego to truly understand the deepest desires of another and to consciously step into the interconnection we have with another.

Desire to understand sexuality: At this point in time, a friend was separating from their spouse. The reason for the separation seemed very shallow but the author knew there were deeper issues beyond what everyone was seeing. It was not the two individuals who were separating were not telling the truth about the reasons for the separation. Rather is was they themselves were not fully aware of the deeper reasons. The author saw deeper reasons only because of his power of observations to know things. In seeing what was happening, he asked the Universe to understand what is really behind sexuality. He did not ask to engage in sexuality, he asked understand it. In making this request and setting this intention, the author was unaware that he was setting the stage to spiraling down and addressing how to break out of the bottom of the box discussed in topic “In a Box” and see the
creative power of sexuality, how it controls and influences our creativity, and how we view and use sexuality has great control on what we can and can’t create.

Created rituals of his own choice: During this time period, the author would create rituals to accompany his actions and to act on his intuitive guidance. Many of these rituals were to access both the internal and external Creative Powers to align them as he intuitively felt they needed to be aligned. Often the rituals called upon the unseen powers and forces as he understood them to assist him in is creative endeavors. In creating these rituals, as stated in the desire to understand sexuality, the author was unaware that he was setting the stage to spiral upward and address how to break out of the top of the box discussed in the topic, “In a Box.”

A “proper” education: The author was trained in the manipulation and use of energy in the secular world. He had experiences within spiritual and religious traditions to manipulate energy in the non secular world. He was knowledgeable of the then available creative principles. This educational background was probably not necessary to increase the probably of the Ultimate Accident. Rather this educational background help establish the critical conditions to make the Ultimate Accident more probable if not a certainty. That is, he knew in what direction he needed to move and to look for information and/or conduct his experiments. This education was also very helpful in understanding and explaining what he experienced when he experienced the Ultimate Accident..

Accept, and act on, the wholeness of one’s being: Many traditions talk about the triune nature of a human being. That is there are three aspects to our being a Higher, Middle and Lower self. Others talk about a spiritual and physical nature. Others talk about an multidimensional being. It doesn’t matter what view is taken, it is important to accept and act on the understanding that we are already whole and complete. Exactly what this means will depend on what beliefs and/or tradition to which we subscribe.

A desire for safety: Most of the author’s professional life was directed to making the use of unseen energy safe for people. This desire for safety carried over into his own life. It help create the space to be able to be open to what arises and do what needed to be done in a way that would not further thwart his creative spirit and its free unfoldment.

There were two additional things that the author believed influence the probably of him having an experience of the Ultimate Accident that seemed to come from beyond the experiences of his current life.

A predilection for experimentation and play: As the author looks back over his life experiences, it is clear there are two things that have always pulled him into life. One was a desire to play and the other was a desire to experiment and see what happens. In many ways these two are one and the same. These two aspects are in many ways are what allowed him to give himself permission to step out into his own creative power to see what he could create. The author knows no conscious experience in his life that would give rise to these two preferences and they do not seem to be attributes of the genes of his family. It is as if those attributed come from beyond this life. There are attributes that can be obtained by any individual by looking to enter creative play and move to entering the most creative state of being.

A compatible life path: What is extremely clear as a result of the journey into creativity before and after the Ultimate Accident is that there is an intention for our life. We are here to have certain types and kinds of experiences. We are all not here to have an experience of the Ultimate Accident. Some are destined to stumble into it because of the what they incarnated to do. Others can create the conditions to increase the probability of having it. In hindsight the author feels he was destined to have such an experience but under the correct conditions for three reasons.

  • The first was that he had to create the correct conditions and in creating the correct conditions he would obtain the mental perspective that would allow him to see two things. One was to see what was necessary to do to increase the probability of an experience of the Ultimate Accident for others to allow their path to be faster, easier and gentler. The second was that he could see the role of mind and how mind limits our ability to access and have a conscious experience of the source/Source of our creative power. He had to have the necessary experience to be able to compare different lives and write the discussion “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind.”

  • The second was to communicate the most important thing an individual needs to do is to follow their own path. It is not to seek what other says or thinks is important whom ever that other may be. Starting the process to follow our own path can be accomplished by accessing, calibrating and following your internal compass through life.

  • The third was to provide a way for individuals to step into their creative power in a faster, easier and gentler way for whatever they wanted to create including the Ultimate Accident if that is what they choose to create.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is designed to provide an understanding and a perspective, a creativity perspective, to assist you in creating the types and kinds of conditions described here. However, the most important thing you can do for whatever you desire to create is to hold your creativity sacred. To hold your creativity sacred, you may have to do your own experiments to find out exactly what your unique creative its and how it desires to express itself. Only you can give yourself permission to do that. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines and Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material have been created to assist you in your creative efforts.

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