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Although the previous discussion, “Origins - About Us,” is true, to say the origins of this material evolved from a journey into creativity and the findings presented in workshop, lectures and counseling as described above is technically inaccurate. It is true there was a conscious decision to consciously take a journey into creativity. Also, much of the material did arise as a series of finding about creativity. Many of those finding were presented in workshops, lectures and/or in coaching. And there was an evolution. However, it was discovered there were really three overlapping journeys.

Three overlapping journeys

One was a consciously elected journey more associated with his professional path in life. The second was an unconscious journey into creativity that was propelled by is incessant asking “Why? - why this way and not that way?” In many way it was the tip of his mystical path much the way an iceberg reveals only a small percentage of itself above the surface of the water in which it floats. The conscious elective journey into creativity, the unconscious journey and the journey we all undertake are representative of the two views of Creation and how the superimpose to create what we see and experience. There is the view from the mind and the view from what is symbolized in the heart. They represent how these two views unfold in our life and how they are intertwined by how we choose to superimpose the two views. The conscious journey and unconscious journey into creativity represent the dance between these two views that we all need to learn to do if we are going to find an inner satisfaction in life, and with life, that never runs and create what we desire.

The third journey into creative was the underlying journey into creativity of which the other two were only a part. The third journey continues and is one in which we all have already undertaken and in which we participate. The third journey reflects the intention for our life and is ultimately the dance of the creator/Creator with its creation/Creation introduced in the “Our Creative Spirit” homepage.

The journey we all undertake is about the fact that we are a creative living process or a creation unfolding. It is a journey we cannot escape. Although we have a free will to choose what we experience, until we access and understand the creation that we are and unfold true to its nature, we will be unable to create many of things we desire to experience. The reason for this is not that we can’t. Rather, it is only because we do not access a sufficient creative power to do so.

The reason for this is quite simple. Much of creative power is already committed to the creation of our life as a human in the physical world as the physical world exists today and as our life exists today. The creation that we are is represented by what is symbolized in our heart and understood as the intention for our life. It is accessible through our internal compass. More often than not, who and what we really are, a creative spirit incarnated to create specific experiences, is not who we have become. Why we cannot access our full creative power and ability until we access and surrender to the flow of energy created by this intention. How to do so is addressed by the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and one of the main reasons why this materials is provided on the web for your use.

The material you accessed is part of a much broader understanding entitled “Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity” that covers a variety of topics and applications which resulted from these three journeys. Since the deeper journey continues, the material on this and the related web sites will be updated and/or expanded from time to time as more appropriate ways are found to communicate the information about creativity and our creative power.

A turning point

The understanding arose from an experience of what is best described as the Ultimate Accident, a turning point in the author’s life, and the piecing together of a puzzle it revealed. It is the experience and occasion which caused the conscious journey and subconscious journeys to merge into one. The Ultimate Accident was the simultaneous conscious experience of the source of our individual creativity and creative power, the Source of Creation. It was a remembrance or an awakening to what was forgotten.

The puzzle was about what exactly lies behind the experiences we have in this life. It was to figure out a way to reveal a truth about who and what we are and how we create the experiences we have. The evolution that occurred was not an evolution of the material within the technology as suggested above in the simple answer. Rather, the evolution was trying to figure out how to explain the understanding that was remembered based on what was known from exploring creativity  to pursue organizational creativity and the life experiences of the author.

The evolution was to explain the understanding and to figure out how to effectively communicate two things. One was an understanding about the depth and breadth of the creative power to be able to use our creativity more effectively in our every day life. The other is that we are already actively engaged in creating and that we are, in fact, a creative living process continually recreating itself. The experiences we have in life are both the fruits of our creativity and the vehicle we use to recreate ourselves. However, most recreate the past simply by repeating the past in a new way rather than creating something truly original and not previously seen or experienced. One goal of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to help step out of the past and consciously creative the new and unseen.

The experiences of the author’s life, the fruits of that life and products developed became the vehicle to communicate the understanding. As said above, this part of the process has stopped. The information provided on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Application web sites is the result of this evolution.

Trying to explain the true origins of the material on the website you accessed has actually been the most difficult aspect in presenting this material. It has been difficult because the three journeys into creativity overlapped and entwined. One journey was a conscious journey in response to the creative needs found in the organization and what the mind thought it needed to do. These second was a subconscious journey and only revealed in the awareness of the first journey as the depth and breadth of our creative potential was explored. In essence, describing the origins has been about piecing together the pieces of a puzzle and making the subconscious conscious. It is a puzzle about how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. In particular the journey was about piecing together the puzzle of the creative process of creation/Creation in which we are actively participating and cannot escape even in death. As the pieces were found and put together, a bigger more expansive creative journey was revealed.

If you wish to better understand the creative process of creation/Creation and obtain some insights in how it unfolds in our individual lives as represented in, or by, the author’s life, then follow the discussion at the end of this section entitled, “The next step.” The life experiences of the author and some of the circumstances as to how this material was created and evolved can provide lessons learned that you may be able to apply in your creative endeavors.

Creating a mosaic - piecing together the pieces of the puzzle

The following files are presented to: (1) address some of the events that give rise to this material and (2) address certain points or aspects of the journey into the exploration of creativity and/or about the creative process. They help provide the background for the occasions and origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology and its applications found on the application web sites. They are designed to be read separately and pieced together however you wish. Hyperlinks between the files are provided when there is a strong overlap or juncture point. Many of the topics transcend a linear time flow and may jump the space of several years and/or span a period of several years.

The files do not readily lend themselves to a chronological flow for they are more like pieces of a puzzle which create a picture. They represent the mining process that needed to occur to make the subconscious aspects of the journey into creativity conscious. In this regard, the discussion also represent the types and kinds of things you or others will face if they too choose to explore the depth and breadth of their unlimited creativity.

To some, the material presented through this sequence of topics may seem extraneous and/or superfluous. A narrative about the authors experiences as they occurred is provided that link many of these discussion. In reading about the origins of the material on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity application web sites it is suggested you consider observing or look for the creative process  that has unfolded for there is a parallel process unfolding in your life. It is a process that has unfolded in two ways in the author’s life. One way the process unfold is in the creation of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. The other way is in the unfoldment of the life of the author and the realization of how he is the creator of his experiences.

It needs to be understood, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is a creation as is any other creation in this Universe. As a creation, there is a process, the creative process  or creation process which brings the creation into existence. It is about a conception, gestation, birth and unfoldment. It is not really different for the unfoldment of any creation. As the details of the process were reviewed in hindsight, it is clear there has been an unfoldment of a deeper desire than to just explore creativity. What was a surprise was the deeper desire went beyond this current life.

Whether or not you believe what is described here about the origins of this material and the author’s life is your choice. The creative process is nevertheless true and describes the best the author can within his experiences the overall process of any desire we have, include the desire to have a physical experience in this type and place.

The files can be read in a sequence if you wish to review the topics to have some continuity between the topics. The topic entitled, “Background on the Origins” provides the initial discussion in sequence. It provides some reflection about why the approach to the origins of this material is presented in the form it has taken. Subsequent discussions are access through the hyperlink a the end of each discussion. A time line of the author’s life focused on the mystical path with hyperlinks is provided to get some idea as to where key event occurred relative to the sequence of his life. Additionally, the files listed below reflect this sequence. The sequence reflects one way to tell the story for understanding: the intention for our life, our creative spirit; the power of intention; our inherent unlimited creativity ability; and a way to understand how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. (The next step ... Background on the Origins)

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Background on the Origins

An Alternative step 
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