Origins and occasion for the Journey into Creativity


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Origins and occasion for the Journey into Creativity
Occasion for the journey
Origins of the journey

This topic provides an overall discussion as to the journey into creativity. The details for the occasion and origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and the currently posted applications can be accessed through the topic “Origins and About Us” or “Pieces of the Puzzle.”

Occasion for the journey (Top)

The occasion for the journey can flippantly be said to be life itself. The author was never troubled by life. It seemed to go well. There where things he liked and didn’t like. In general he accepted what he was told about life and how it worked. He believe his teachers, his elders and his society. They were obviously wiser and more experienced in life. So why should he not believe them?

The disappointment he saw in people, the dissatisfaction with life people had and the pain they suffered he assumed was “just part of life” as he was told and that was the way it was. He never considered what our role, individually and collectively, might be in creating what we experienced. Yet, he always pondered “why - why is it this way and not another?”. Experienced seemed to support what he was told that there was no satisfaction in the physical plane. Only an afterlife, a heaven, could provide a joyful and pleasurable experience. Yet he was puzzled. There were great teachers in whom many believed that said that heaven is, or can be, here and now. He pondered what was missing. If heaven is here and now, why are we missing it?

In many ways his incessant pondering lead him into the sciences. The sciences seem to offer some answers but not all. What they did reveal was the world was not as mysterious and hidden as most believed. There were answers. But to get the answers, we had to ask the right questions. Only in time did he begin to understand that question we ask was a focus of our attention and awareness. Only in time did he begin to understand it was how we focused our attention and awareness determined what we saw.

As a physicist, he understood how the observer could change what was observed. He understood probability and how we could shift the probably outcome of certain situations. He understood how you could make something improbable probable and something that was probable a certainty by how you arranged the conditions. But he had yet to comprehend it was how we focused our attention and awareness that made all the difference. It wasn’t about rearranging the external world to create the conditions of an experiment to observe results that could not normally be seen outside the experimental conditions. The key was the perspective we held that allowed us to even conceive of doing the experiment that made the difference in what we could see.

Eventually he was lead to exploring how we developed the perspective we have. He was not so much interested in what perspective one has. Rather the question was what was it about a perspective that the allows one to see something and another not to see it. What was that composite minimum set of experience that allow one to see in a particular way and how do you give it to them. Years of working in safety caused him to ponder why people did not see the precursors to the accidents they experienced. The individuals were technically competent. They were trained in what they did. Yet, they could not see the precursors for what they were an accident was waiting to happen. Where was their mind that they could not see what kept popping up in front of them? What caused one to see and another not to see? Alternatively said, were did awareness come from and how does one become aware?

In looking for the occasion for the journey, the author could find no single occasion. He talks about a subconscious journey and a conscious journey into creativity. Yet, both were only response to a composite of questions that arose as a result of the life he was experiencing and an attempt to answer question those questions. The author can point to occasions that caused him to move in a certain direction to explore an issue, but it was life itself that provided the occasion to explore creativity.

Origins of the journey (Top)

In realizing that life itself was the occasion to explore creativity, in many ways you could say that it was also the origins of the journey. However, that is not really the case. The origins of the journey into creativity actually lies beyond the life the author experienced and the experiences he was having. It lies beyond the life the author experienced not in the sense that there is an intention for our life and the author incarnated to create something in particular. Rather the origins of the journey into creativity is what lies behind life itself and behind the intention for our life. That is, the essential nature of the material of Creation is to create.

Creativity and the need for us to be consciously creative was a topic that never interested the author. He always seemed to be able to find creative solutions to the problems he faced and had a way of navigating through life that was reasonably fulfilling and satisfying. From the perspective of conscious awareness, the only thing that really puzzled the author was why there were so many dissatisfied, frustrated or otherwise unhappy successful people. Throughout his career, he meet many people whom society would call successful. They had met all the criteria society has given them for success. But they did not feel successful or were unhappy. Many who were successful were afraid of losing the success they found. Again the author pondered, “What is missing?”

The author pondered, “Why is what is being giving by those who seemingly know, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, not appear to be providing the satisfaction individuals seek?” Of course, there were always exceptions and a few individuals did seem to find fulfillment, but the percentage was very small.

This question was always in the back of the author’s mind. It first made it appearance at about age eight as discussed in the topics the “Subconscious Journey into Creativity” and “An Inherent Mystic.” But that question itself did not trigger the exploration into creative. As discussed in the topic the “Conscious (Elective) Journey into Creativity” the issues of the workplace motivate the author to explore organizational creativity. Then in time, with the appearance of the creative spirit at the time of the Ultimate Accident, he began to look deeper into the nature of creativity and how we create what we do. But always behind the outer exploration in which ever direction it took, was, “What is missing in what we seemed to know?’

What the author came to understand was too much to be believed for most. He came to understand how it is possible that we are the creators of both our experiences and the reality of those experiences. What he came to understand was that, although it is true, we are not here to just have certain types and kinds of experiences and determined by the intention for our life. Rather, we are simply creators experiencing our creations. And, if we look deep enough, we can see how we are the Creator experiencing Its Creation.

So, in the end, the true origins of the journey into creativity is simply a creator/Creator experiencing his/her creation/Creation. It is just that in this particular creation/Creation, the creator/Creator chose to become aware of how he/she create what he/she experiences. Too much to be believed for most only because they have never been taught now it is possible. Yet, nevertheless true. The origins of this material is simply the creator/Creator experiencing their creation/Creation. So the answer to the question, “What is not being given to people?” is simply that they are not being told they are the creators of the experiences they have and they are not being give a way to understand how they could be that creator. One intention of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to provide a way to understand how it is possible that we are, in fact, the creators of our experiences.

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