Origins and occasion for creating Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity


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Origins and occasion for creating Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity
Occasion for creating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity
Origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding arose as a direct response to the creative needs of the organization. The issues centered on bridging the gap of ensuring safety and quality and yet have cost effective production.

What started out as a seemingly simply journey to explore creativity within the organization  to fix what appeared to be insurmountable workplace problems and issues resulted in an extend journey. It was a journey into the nature of creativity and our ability to create our experience, and ultimately, to create the reality of those experiences. What was found surprised the author and turned his life literally, up side down. Many of the findings are found on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity web site and related applications web sites.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is built on an awareness about what it means to be human and the nature of Creation. Both the origins and the occasion of the awareness and the subsequent understanding that gave rise to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and it applications was an evolution and unfoldment. Many of the details of the evolution and unfoldment are address in the files listed in “Pieces of the Puzzle.” What is provided here is an overview of the origins and occasion and a summary the salient key and essential aspects of the realization behind the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding.

Occasion for creating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity (Top)

The material for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology was compiled and pieced together over a period of years. Yet, the occasion to create it and start synthesizing what was learned in the journey of exploring creativity was in the conscious awareness of the understanding that we are beings of an unlimited creativity which arose in August of 1996. It was not a mental awareness as learning a piece of information. Rather it was a profound awareness. It was as if one was standing on a mountain top always in the clouds and suddenly the clouds parted. When they parted, one could see the depth and breadth of the valley below - something never before seen. .

It was an understanding about the oneness of Creation, the most creative state of being, the existence of a creative spirit within each of us, and of the depth and breadth of the creative power and ability which lies within our being. It was an understanding about a power and ability that is too much to be believed for most.

It is an understanding about our creative spirit that lies within, and animates, our life and its need to be free to unfold true to itself and creatively play. The understanding ultimately addresses the deepest longing within our being, our need to create, and why that need exists. It addresses why it behooves us to access and release a creative power and creative ability that could only be described as unlimited. Accessing it is essential if we wish to obtain a inner satisfaction in, and with, life that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world.

This understanding is about our inherent ability to create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. It is about the fact that we are beings of infinite consciousness which can place its awareness anywhere in creation. It has only localized its awareness into a human body for the purpose of having a human experience.

Some say the human being is a spirit having an experience as a human being. But it is much more profound than such a statement. The traditional descriptions and understanding of what a spirit is can not begin to address the depth and breadth of the creative power and creative ability accessible to us.

Yet exactly what this understanding meant, what was necessary to communicate it, and how to access and use it was not readily apparent to the author. These were some aspects of the understanding that needed time. Time in the order of years to evolve and unfold. There was a set of minimum requisite experience that the author needed to gain in each of these areas before they could be fully understood and communicated. The evolution was spiral in nature periodically calling the author to revisit what he thought he already understood. Yet each return was like pealing another layer of an onion, until the structure and form of the onion disappeared leaving only the essence of out of which it came.

The understanding arose in the author as a result of experiencing the conditions of the Ultimate Accident about eight months earlier. It is as though the Ultimate Accident caused an impregnation within the author of an understanding which took eight months for it to be birthed. Then it took another seven or eight years of nurturing for it to be able to stand on its own and go unassisted into the world. The awareness and understanding was much the way a child needed to be nurtured, supported and protected and allowed to freely play as it grows from an infant in its early years of life.

In reflection on the process, there was an actual gestation and grow that was occurring on the energetic level within the author that first eight months. However, from the mental perspective, this time period was about getting a minimum set of requisite experience before the awareness could be understood and communicated to his own mind. To communicate the understanding there were certain experiences and understanding that had to be obtained. In many ways you can say the experiences that needed to be had were only the growth and unfoldment of the awareness in his life However you choose to look at it, in the end it gives the same result much like any creation within the creative/creation process. There was gestation, a birth a growth and unfoldment.

In any case, things did not happen immediately. There was an immediate conception accompanied by an understanding of an inherent oneness in Creation, but a gestation and grow was required for the conception to be realized. Yet, shortly after the Ultimate Accident there was an insight that arose within the author that paralleled an insight years earlier that he should record his life experiences for that the understanding within those experiences would be needed. It was the experience of life itself that would need to be made available for others to see. What was not realized at the time was the author needed to become both the creator and the creation. He had to provide a description of that process so others could begin to see how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. In essence, he had to recreate his life to be able to show other the process.

When the awareness stated above was consciously realized in Aug 1996, a journey started to unfold to find a way to communicate what was realized. In many ways it was the birth of an understanding into the world. It was a thought becoming manifest but at the time the author was unaware of the thought he had planted and unaware of the true origins of what he was experiencing.

Origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity (Top)

 If one pulls the string on the origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity, the origin is quite different than what one would initially think.

Since the occasion to create the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology arose out of the experience of the Ultimate Accident, one could say that it was the origins of the understanding. The origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials was simply based on an experience of the Ultimate accident and communicating the understanding found within that experience. But if that were true it would not have taken the author almost ten years to arrive at a way of communicating what needed to be said. There was more in the awareness of our inherent unlimited creativity that just an experience of the Ultimate Accident.

The Ultimate Accident is not something routinely experienced. So the question becomes, how did the conditions for an Ultimate Accident arise and why did the author experience them. That then takes us to discuss the life and experiences of the author as they relate to the both the experience of the Ultimate Accident and the awareness itself. In many ways the experiences of the author provides both the vehicle for communicating the understand and its origins. Many of those experiences are discussed and found through discussion with start with the topic, “Origins - About Us.”

However, when those experiences are reviewed one finds there is a pattern There is a patter of events that arise form a conscious journey to explore creativity that arose in the workplace and a subconscious journey in creativity. The subconscious journey lied closer to the true origins of this material for it also catalyzed the conscious journey to explore creativity.

As discussed in the topics in “An Inherent Mystic” and “The subconscious journey in creativity” the origins of this material lie in a series of questions the author asked during his life. The most significant question of the set was the one that he asked shortly after graduating college. That question was, “Is there a model of the universe, or a view of reality, where whatever one believes can be experienced as true, and if such a model existed, what did it look like?”

The author was deeply puzzled by what seemed to be a phenomenon where two individuals, or groups of individuals, could hold divergent views about the nature of reality and yet each experienced their divergent views as real even if they had essentially the same external experience. Additionally some of the beliefs carried by individuals and the subsequent experiences arising from those beliefs were so strongly held that individuals could even go to war of over them.

Having been trained as a physicist and working with the principles within nature, he felt convinced there should be a similar set of principles about the human being that could explain what he was seeing in individuals because of the beliefs they held and the experiences they had. This set of principle would go beyond what was currently understood by currently psychology and/or spiritual and religious traditions about how we create.

As an energy physicist, most of authors work was with unseen radiation and energy that could not readily be perceive directly with his physical senses. Yet had no problem with manipulating it and using it to create a variety of effects. He wondered as to the nature of thought and the unseen realms that some individuals claimed they experienced. These individuals were extremely convinced that the unseen realms existed exactly the way they experienced them. It seemed to the author there should be something similar to the principles of the unseen radiation he routinely used to explain how the beliefs one hold command such control over what one experienced.

This question itself became a clear intention and unconscious focus for his life after graduating. For the next several decades he was always looking for a way of seeing and viewing reality that could effectively explain how such a variety, and even conflicting views, existed. In reflecting on the question itself later in life, the author realized it evolved out of two questions he had asked earlier in life. One question was as a small child and the other as an adolescent.

As a child he saw the disconnect between how individuals were living their lives every day of the week and yet each Sunday in church they claimed to want to live a different way. They even prayed that their lives would be different but nothing seemed to change. As a child the author was puzzled as to why their words were not matching their actions.

Rightly or wrongly, the author was always a firm believer that you could know a person by the fruits of their actions. He lived with the principle of listening to what people say but watched what they do for their actions were their fruits. He always trusted actions more than the words - sort of the old saying, “put you money where you mouth is.” He always watched where individuals put their life energy.

As an adolescent, have survived being bored with the material he was required to learn the previous ten years of his life while in school, he set the intention that he only wanted to learn what he could carry from place to place rather than information that was only applicable to a specific time and place. Consequently, he became very much drawn to the sciences, mathematics and how to make music for they seemed to be less dependent on time and place than anything else he was being asked to learn. In time, this interest moved into the metaphysical realm. He looked at the many schools of thought within the esoteric and mystical traditions. He kept looking for those principles that were independent of time and place.

In time, only after many years he learned, because of the nature of the human mind and the nature of how we create an experience of Creation, what we communicates about many experiences, especially mystical experiences, will not necessarily be the same as what another communicates. Having been trained as a physicist the author routinely compared experiences and measurement with others with little disagreement in perception. For years he suffered with a bias that he assumed the perceptions of individuals about the unseen were much closer than they are. The reason why we each will communicate something different about the Source of Creation is discussed in the topic “The Problem of Mind and Experiencing the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind.”

As he began to see how our mind works, and overlaid it with how energy works and the fact that energy is neither created or destroyed, only transformed, he began to realize there was a piece of the origin that lied beyond this life. It was about what he incarnated to do is this life. There was an intention for his life that was acting as a deep undercurrent.

This third piece was probably hardest piece for him to accept. It also is probably the hardest for most other individuals to accept as real. It was difficult for the author to accept it until he started to consciously work with the understanding of an unlimited creativity inherent within our being and its implications. In particular, as he began to see how our past creative endeavors are unfolded in the future and how the past affects the future. As he began to see how the past is embedded in future creations, he began to see the glimmer of the past in his present experiences. In pulling the string on those glimmers of the past, he began to see the past. He did not necessarily see events and circumstances as such and as would be described in a past life experience although those were often present. Rather he began to see and discern the flows of energy that were created in the past and unfolding in the present to create the experiences he was having. He was simply following a deep undercurrent to life which give rise to the experiences we have much the way one could trace the path of an underground river.

For those with a more modern view, he began a process of reverse engineering, or more appropriately said, reverse creativity. It was simply a process of pulling the string on current events and asking why this particular even as opposed to any other. Why was an event created this way as opposed to that why. The process was really no different than taking apart a pieces of machinery and figuring out why it was put together the way it was. And, as with a technology of which you are not familiar, you are frequently face with the question “what is this part all about and why is it here?” Only in playing with the machinery do you figure out what the unknown part does. The key to the puzzle was to learn to creatively play.

In time, with some experimentation into those unknown pieces, the pieces of the puzzle became clear. In that clarity all he could conclude was that there is an intention for our life and we either freely personally created it or we freely agreed to do it at some level of our being. For many, the biggest struggle in life is to face the fact that there is something they incarnate to do and what they incarnated to do may not be what their enculturated mind wants to do.

As stated above, the awareness of an understanding about oneness, the creative spirit, the most creative state of being and the depth and breadth of our creativity was the occasion for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. That understanding was a result of the experience of the Source of Creation for at the Source we experience the most creative state of being. Yet, the awareness of the understanding occurred only after he had obtained the necessary minimum set of requisite life experiences that allows that understanding to be comprehended within his own mind. That occurred about eight months after the Ultimate Accident and the experience of the Source of Creation.

The next ten years were then spent on trying to “prove” the understanding and create a way to share the experience. In the journey, to find a way to communicate the understanding there appeared to be many false starts. Yet there were no mistakes. Each false start became the food and nourishment for a better understanding of what needed to be communicated and how to communicate it. Yet his mental attempts to “prove” the understanding and create a way to communicate it was only the way his mind interpreted the journey to obtain the necessary minimum set of requisite life experiences to communicate the understanding. The fact that he understood what needed to be communicated did not necessarily give him the tools to communicate it and, more importantly, to show other how they could obtain the same understanding.

So, in the end, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is built on a series of finding about what it means to be human and the nature of Creation that stretched from physical world we experience into the unseen realms of Creation. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and technology is the synthesis and gestation of years of focused effort based on the life experiences of the author. Yet, the origins that gave birth for it to become a conscious understanding really arose from an intention from beyond this life. It arose from an intention to incarnate to communicate to whomever would listen as to how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences - all of them at each and every level of our being.

But the key to putting it all together occurred only when it was realized that each of the individual implications of this understanding needed to be separately addressed. A picture needed to be painted so to speak. The real message could be communicated only when all the pieces were separately addressed.

What was discovered is that all the false starts were not false starts. Each was an attempt in a different way to communicate what needed to be said. Each was an attempt to effectively say what needed to be said at times to address what needs to be said at that time. But what needs to be said about the depth and breadth of our creative power and the source/Source which lies behind it cannot put it into words. In this regard, the symbol/logo used for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material was created. It is seen at the top of this page discussion. It is a symbolical way of representing this understanding. What creates this problem is the nature of our mind and is discussed in the topic, “The Problem of Mind and Experiencing the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind.”

What gives rise to our experiences and the reality of those experiences seems to arise out of a nothingness, or better said, a “No-thing-ness” represented by the center open circle in the middle of the symbol at the top of this page. This of course means that any thought we have has already arisen out of this “stuff” of Creation. At first glance it appears we cannot understand this “No-thing-ness” nor can we seem to understand how it works, how to access and how to use it. This is why mystics tend to call it “nothingness.” Yet nothing can be father from the truth. That is the illusion of mind. It is just that we cannot use our normal way of thinking to understanding it, access it, and use the unseen energy giving rise to the experiences we have, the reality of those experiences and to Creation Itself. We have to learn to see, or rather experience Creation, differently. This we can do and a way is provided in the discussion of the creative/creation process

In the awareness of possessing an unlimited creativity, the recommendation is that, as you read the information available in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials and contemplate the words and what is said. Look behind the words to what the author is trying to communicate. If you can defocus the mind and look through what is symbolized in the heart to look what is behind the words there is an understanding will arise within you. That understanding it the true origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and the associated understanding.

If this concept of defocusing your mind is difficult to understand, there is an exercise that you can do with your eyes that is metaphorically what you need to do with what is symbolized in your heart and your mind. The exercises is the four finger exercise discussed in the topics, “Two Views of Creation” and “How to See the Two Views.”

In regard to the origins to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and the information it provides about the depth and breadth of your own creative power and creative abilities, you need to look to what lies in the center and behind the various applications that you read here on these web sites. The understanding itself lies beyond and lies before any particular form we experience. It is what gives rise to the form. That is also where you will find and access the source/Source of your creativity.

What this means is the origins is not about Organizational Creativity but what give rise to organizational creativity. Nor it is about the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines but what gives rise to the creation of the Fifteen Creative Step/Guidelines. Nor is it about Our Creative Spirit but what gives rise to our creative spirit. Nor is it about any of the other applications of this understanding. Rather it is understanding what gives rise to each of these individual applications is where you find the source of your creative power. The same is true about your life and where your creative power lies. It lies behind what you see and experience outwardly. It lies behind and in what is described in this material as the deep undercurrents of Creation

If you are willing to focus on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and experiment in using it in a variety of the applications discussed, you too will eventually come to see what lies behind it. In that realization, you will come to see what lies behind your life and Creation. You will know what you should do with your life to access your full creative potential and your intuitive guidance will tell you how to do it.

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