The Turning Point -
Experiencing the Ultimate Accident


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The Ultimate Accident itself was moment in time as any other moment. How long it lasted is subjective. It could be said it was an instantaneous experience but it could also be said it lasted for approximately three months, ten years or even it continues today for that awareness that arose persists and does not go away.

What is important to understand is that it as a moment in time that was a turning point. All of Creation became different in that moment. In some ways it was like reaching the top of the highest mountain and look out over all time and all space. The experience itself cannot be described except as a state of wonderment and “ah.” That is one is in wonderment at all that is experienced and in “ah” because all that can be uttered in that moment of wonderment is “ah.”

Before that experience, the author lived in unawareness as to his own creative abilities and power and in an unawareness as to the true nature of Creation and our Creative Spirit. As stated in the discussion, “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind” author’s interpretation and rendition of the essence of Creation is probably in someway in error. It also may appear different than that given by another. But that is the nature of the Source.

What the author learned about creativity, the creative process and human creativity from this experience went well beyond what he could find anywhere. What he experienced was not addressed by the professionals that made their living teaching creativity and/or studying creativity. Nor was it addressed by the myriad of spiritual traditions which talk about an animating spirit. Similarly, the motivational materials from psychological and/or educational studies available to him about the unseen world and creativity failed to address this.

In fact, it was what he learned from and in this experience that he eventually synthesized the understanding he received into the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. He simply could not find anywhere a description of the depth and breadth of what he observed. Many of the pieces that he observed were available but the ones where were available were unassembled. Or, the pieces were not put together and assembled in a way that you could apply them to your every day life and what you do in life and the workplace.

The Ultimate Accident shattered the author’s understanding about the nature of what it means to be human and, in many ways, shattered his understanding about the nature of creation/Creation, both with a big and little “c” for the two are linked in an unimaginable way. The experience was a conscious experience of the Source of the authors creative power. Some could call it an experience of the Divine, the Source of Creation, the Source of Life, God, The God within, or whatever you may like to call it. What is very clear from the experience is that the Source of what gives rise to Creation is not what our minds can fully comprehend for reasons discussed elsewhere. Additionally our creative power and ability is much greater than our mind can conceive. The reason for us to not routinely have this understanding is presented under the topic “The Human Conditions as seen from the Creativity Perspective.”

Abbreviated here, quite simply the problem most of us face is that we normally have no one who can, or will, teach us and no one to create the space for our true nature to unfold. Ultimately, this experience of the source/Source of his creative power was the true origins of this material. It caused the author’s past to shatter and a completely new understanding to reveal itself. It took approximately ten years to fully digest and package the understanding which came with the experience into a form that could be given to others. It was this experience that give rise to why the material on this site is free and the overall intention for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology.

The opportunity for this experience was not something one could create. Rather, the space was created for the author to step into his creative power in a way he had never been previously given the opportunity. The author believes the opportunity for an experience of the source/Source is, and will be, presented to everyone. But one has to choose to act for we each have a free will and that will is more powerful that most realized. We have to choose to step out what we think and believe and follow our creative spirit when the opportunity presents itself. How do we know when the opportunity present itself? We don’t. That is why we need to hold our creativity sacred. In holding one’s creativity sacred, one will be able to act when the opportunity presents itself. When the opportunity comes it comes is a chain of opportunities

It was acting on the opportunity provided by the circumstances of life and presented by the Universe to honor his creativity and become truly creative stepping totally out of his past to attempt to create a Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment that lead to a shattering the conditions of the past. Along with this action, the opportunity also arose to create a safe and secure space for the creative spirit of another in the way that it needed to be created. That in turn awakened the nurturing feminine creative energy within his being. The awakened nurturing feminine energy along with the masculine creative energy which created the safe and secure space created the opportunity to return to the conscious awareness of the Source of Creation.

In taking that opportunity of the experience of the Source of Creation to be aware of what he was experiencing, he become aware of how his creative spirit had not been nurtured by the life he was living. In returning to the Source of Creation he become aware of the need to nurture the creative spirit within himself and within others and the need to hold the individuals’s creativity sacred. It was through this experience he saw what his creative spirit needed. In surrendering to its needs, a long dormant part of is being awakened and unfolded.

Since he began to act in awareness and true to his nature, his masculine creative energy was sufficiently strong to create a safe and secure space for his feminine creative energy to nurture his creative spirit. The unfoldment of that creative spirit changed his life and one of its fruits is reflected as the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology.

In essence the first half of his life, the professional path, was the to develop his masculine creative energy. The Ultimate Accident provided the turning point and opportunity to awaken his feminine creative energy. In surrendering to the mystical path and allow it to lead his life for ten years and becoming the primary path a balance was restored. It is in the balance of those to inner creative forces that wholeness and oneness is achieved.

After experiencing the release of the creative spirit within the individual he chose to help and within his own being, the author began to look for this creative spirit in others. He began to look and see as to why this creative spirit within each individual was not free to come out. He began to explore what holds it captive and why. That exploration was the essence of the ten year effort to surrender his life to look to understand what did and did not allow the creative spirit to become free.

Two thing immediately arose in response to the Ultimate Accident. One was an outward awareness that is mind and heart were “out of phase” with each other. As one physician/medical intuitive put it, “your head is not connect to the body.” Exploration of that comment resulted in participating in a soul retrieval. To regain aspects of the creative power and ability he denied in the past, the second thing was the awareness of the possibility of a gentle phoenix. That is, we now have the ability to create a gentle recreation within one’s life than which has been available in the past. In many ways the possibility of a gentle phoenix was the by product of the first actions in attempting to create a Critical Mass of Enlightenment experiment. Many of the element to create a phoenix are found in the actions described in “Creating the Occasion for the Ultimate Accident - Assembling a Critical Mass.” In understanding the phoenix process, the door is open to create the possibility of a gentle phoenix - a faster, easier and more gentle way to recreate our life in whatever way we wish.

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