Accessing the Creative source/Source of  Our Being and Creative Powers

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Accessing the creative source/Source of our being and our creative powers

All human creative endeavors require one to access some level of passion or flow of energy to create what they desire. We experience the flow of creative energy within our being as passion and/or enthusiasm. The more passion you have about something the more energy that is available to create. If you do not have some level of conscious or subconscious passion/enthusiasm to create what you desire it will never be created.

The energy that is used for any creative endeavor flows from the source of one’s being. Whether you realize it or not, you have what amounts to an infinite, or unlimited, source of creative energy available to you to create whatever your desire. The reason for this is the source of your life lies within the Source of Creation and It is accessible to you. It is experienced as a flow of energy within your being that enthuses your entire being. Normally it is experienced as originating in the heart and flowing outward in all direction into the extremities. This is why the heart is consider the best symbol for one’s creative spirit and the flow of one’s creative life energy.

The volume of energy, or rather the level of passion, that is made available to any creative endeavor is determined by your mind by what you thinks and believe. Most of us engage in creative endeavors that are well within the limits that mind imposes to control the flow of creative energy within our being. It is the level that mind is willing to make available and not lose control. Although what is available is infinite, mind controls the limits on the flow of your creative energy. It limits the flow of energy by how and what it fears and what it considers unsafe - whether or not there is a real safety issue. It limits the flow simply by what it judges as liking or disliking. The approach utilized within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material will keep you within the limits your mind desires to impose and give you control to evolve your thinking to meet your creative needs. However, the approach does seeks to expand the limits that you impose and it direct you toward eventually adopting a creativity perspective such that mind learns to hold your creativity sacred. When that is achieved, you will be able to readily leave behind what you think and believe to access whatever creative energy and passion you need..

Now, the problem is ego. Ego tends to think the equivalent of, “If I access this source of unlimited creative power within my being, I will have an unlimited energy to create abundance in any form that I wish.” Although the essence of this thinking is true there is a problem with this thinking and many will stumble into it in one of two ways. The problem is that when you access the source of your creativity you will no longer think the same way about Creation and what is important to your life. Your perspective will become very different.

One way to stumble into the source is to engage in a creative endeavor that exceeds the level of energy that mind is normally willing to make available. For example, if you engage in the traditional heroic adventure where you move well past what the ego wants sometimes even to the point of death. The other ways is you consciously attempt to directly access the source of your creative power and all the powers that come from the Source. In doing either of these you will cause what can be only described as a radical transformation of your life - and radical could be an understatement. The proverbial story of the five men address the significant changes you will face. In attempting to access the source, you will need to be prepared and willing to accept the consequences. Quite simply, the transformation you encounter will destroy the ego as you know it and you will have a completely different view of your life and Creation. You will be changed in ways your mind cannot foresee. In being changed, you will be drawn to live your life differently. In being drawn to live your life differently, your original desire and intention will most probably also change. Or, at least it will be seen very different.

The reason you will destroy the ego when you attempt to create something that requires an energy greater than what mind wants to make available is quite simple. If you step past what your mind thinks and believes to create a flow of creative energy that is greater than what mind is willing to provide, you will open yourself up to directly experiencing the source of your creative power. When you access the source of your creative power, you will be accessing the source of your being and the source of your life. When you access the source of your being and the source of your life, you will make yourself available to accessing and experiencing the Source of all life and the Source of all being. The Source is infinite in the ways it can be express. Your mind is finite. An experience of the infinite will shatter the finite.

At the source of your being, you stand at a door way. You stand midway between two worlds. One world is the world you have come to know and experience based on what you have learned in your life. The other is a world too much to be believed. In this world you stand in wonderment and “ah” and will find your life is not your own as your ego and enculturation would have you believe . Here you find there is more to life than mind could ever conceive. Because of what you access, you will being to live your life differently. You will know things that are not accessible to the mind based on the experiences you have had. You will find yourself “out of mind.” When you act in life, you will have access to this other awareness and will make many of your decisions in life is quite a different manner than before. As a result your life will change. You will find you cannot live as you once did.

Yet, you need not access the Source Itself to cause a transformation of your life. Rather, as you move past your mind and what it thinks and believes and move toward the source of your creative power and/or the Source, you will find that there are reasons for your existence. You will find what gives you life is other than what you mind has conceived. When you come to know why you are here, you will be drawn to live your life differently. How different? It is hard to say. It all depends on how much pain you have experienced in life and how you lost the ability to be in that most creative state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of yourself and your world. How you have learned to process your pain determines how easy or hard it is for you to surrender to the flow of the creative life energy that sustains your being. In surrendering to the flow of your creative life energy, you allow it to lead your life rather than doing what your enculturated mind tends to think and believes. In the end, you will be different.

It is safe to transform yourself for each of us is the mythical phoenix that can destroy itself and rise from its own ashes. However, to cause yourself to transform when your ego likes whom you are can be quite challenging. It can become a dark night of the soul. Most only change their ego in desperation and even in desperation many refuse to change. The recommendation made here is to choose your creative endeavors wisely and evolve what you think and believe to meet your creative needs. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is designed to do just that. It is designed to make any transformation that you need to undergo to create what you desire an evolution. It is an evolution where you “grow” your creation from a seed condition as oppose to a radical shift such as those often caused in desperation. Growing your transformation is most often much easier and gentler than something like desperation.

However, you do not have to use the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines were developed so that you could benefit from the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach but not have use it directly. Rather, you can do it your own way and with the individuals of your choice.

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