A Recommendation to Look at One's Concept of God

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In looking at the creative power available to us, there is an there is an inner and an outer creative power. They are perceived separately but they are connected. Ultimately they can be found to be one and the same only experienced differently. It is your mind that stands at the doorway, midway between these two creative powers. Mind also stands in the way of accessing either one of them. Your mind stands in the way by what it thinks and believes about the creative power/Creative Powers of Creation. One set of beliefs that we all seem to possess which can be the most empowering or most disempowering are the beliefs we have about God and the creative powers/Creative Powers of Creation.

The creativity perspective used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach does not embrace or hold any particular concept of God. Rather, the creativity perspective embraces any concept of the Creative Power of Creation, which many call God, that allows one to access and to fully and freely experience the full depth and breadth of their creative power and ability that is possible to obtain. The creativity perspective used here looks to hold one’s creativity and that of others as sacred. Any control a concept of God or of the creative power/Creative Power that does not hold one’s creativity sacred are not seen as serving one’s creative efforts. A Creation Story for the creative perspective and several analogies addressing aspects of the inner and outer creative powers to creatively empowers the individual has been provided to help individuals understand their relationship. But no particular concept of God is embraced.

The recommendations made here about the concept of God is that you allow effectiveness be your measure of truth. If your concept of God is effective for what you wish to create and you are able to access the inner and outer creative power that you need, then use it. If it not effective, the look to see if there is not a more empowering understanding that is available to you.

It is recommended you look carefully at your concept of God. Look to see how It acts or doesn’t act in your life and the lives of others. Many pray to God and get satisfaction and reassurance in life. Yet, many others pray to a different God or a different understanding of God and also get the same results. So, is it God Who is providing satisfaction and reassurance or is it the belief that there is someone to take care of them that is providing the satisfaction and reassurance.

Some look to God as if God were Santa Clause or a genie in a bottle that grants our wishes. As Santa Clause, they give God a list of things they want through prayer and expect God to deliver them on time. The only real difference between this kind of God and Santa Clause is that Santa Clause comes once a year whereas God is expected to fill our list of wants all the time. As a genie, the individual performs some ritual to access God. In the genie’s case the ritual is rubbing the lamp. Because they have performed the ritual, they expect God to deliver what they want.

Yet many do not see God granting their wishes as much a protecting them from their fears and keeping them safe. They look to God to protect them from the uncertainty of life and death. Some even look to God more in the way one would look at an insurance policy to mitigate their misfortune. If disaster strikes, God is expected to step in with some specific coverage of the damaged.

During the 1973 Arab Israeli War I was stuck by a very odd occurrence. There were Jews praying for the defeat of Arabs and there were Arabs praying for the defeat of the Jews. Yet there were Christians praying that Christ would come back and throw both the Arabs and Jew out of Jerusalem and set up Christ’s Kingdom on Earth. All three groups were praying to the same God of Abraham. I often wondered, “How did the God of Abraham look at such prayers and to whom would He show His favor and how?” Then I wondered, “What does any individual really expect when they pray to their God?” What are they really looking for?

The issue here is not God and what concept of God is right or wrong. The question is does your concept of God put the creative power/Creative Powers where they properly belong and empower you to explore and access the depth and breadth of the creative power that is available to you. Or, does your concept of God hold your creative powers bound in some way. Only you can explore what you really believe and determine if it does, or doesn’t, sever you.

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