Nothing Really Different Except Making the Subconscious Conscious

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The creative principles discussed and introduced to you within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology will cause you to experience nothing differently that you already experience someway in life.  You are already using these creativity principles in a subconscious way. So, in reality, you are not facing anything new, or new hazards. Rather, you are just experiencing what is already in your life in a different way, a conscious way. The issue is how you will experience them consciously. You can experience them in an adventuresome way, in playfulness, in terrifying fear reminiscent of the past or something completely different. It is your choice whether or not you experience these principles consciously or subconsciously. However, to bring awareness to the hazards that already exist in oneís life and that are controlling oneís life may be too frightening to some and they prefer to not know. They prefer to live in the hope that what you donít know cannot harm you. Or, better said in this case, they prefer to believe what they donít know does not bind and entangle oneís creative ability robbing them of their creative power.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology will help you experience consciously what you already do subconsciously. So in many ways, all that will be done is to make your subconscious conscious and give to you the ability to control how and what you are creating. In using this material, you will begin to see the cause effect relation between how and what you think and how and what you experience. The issue is whether or not you consciously want to face what holds you back from becoming a conscious creator of the experiences you have. Many prefer to do their creativity subconsciously. To become a conscious creator, you will have to decide if you want to consciously face the source of the perceived hazards that seems to arise to prevent you from creating what you desire.

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