The True Hazard of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Material - If There Is One

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The only hazard unique to this material, if there is one, that arises in this material, is the impact on your own thinking and how and what you think about the world and your life for it will change your life.

As a powerful interdisciplinary technology of creativity, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding has the power to create an understanding and a perspective that will move you to change your life. This material will cause you to think differently. Thinking differently will cause you to make different decisions and different choices than you now do. Choosing differently will cause your life to become different. Exactly how and what it will catalyze to change in your life depends totally on the intention you hold, what you desire to create with and in your life and the choices you make. You are in control and free to think, choose and act as you wish. All the hazards you perceive, whether they are real or imaginary, already exist. They only arise when you choose to act in a way that reveals them. It is only how you are currently viewing them, approaching them or avoiding them that is determining what you experience.

If you think and believe changing what you think and believe is hazardous in some way, then this material will be seen as very hazardous to you. If however, you realize changing what you think and believe is not hazardous but the hazards lie in what you think and believe and how you choose to act, or not act, on what you believe, then this material is not hazardous to you in any way. It is not hazardous to you for you control what you think and believe and you control the actions you take. Nothing in this material forces you to accept it and nothing in this material forces you to act. The reason for this is you control the hazards you face by how and what you choose to think and to act

Whatever way you believe, because of the nature of mind and how it projects the past, your mind will create a variety of hazards that you may perceive you need to face. However, the real issues you will face in this material and in life in general, is the dissipation of the energy bound in the memories that you hold. We all have memories that are a result of those situations that caused us to restrict the free flow and unfettered expression of our creative life energy because of events we experienced in the past. As you will come to see if you work with this material, we create the creation we experience by how we bind and lock the flow of our creative life energy in a particular way by how and what we think and believe. Whether we perceive the creation we experience as hazardous is determined by what we ourselves created by how we choose to think and believe. So the hazards we face in life are ultimately a result of the choice to act or not act, which, in turn, is based on what we think and believe.

How an individual psyche will respond to the information in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is unique to each individual and how much these principles affect you is always your choice. You are completely free to choose or not choose what is in this technology and what you believe about the nature of reality and the nature of who you are. You will only need to accept responsibility for the choices that you make. If you do nothing more than learn to take responsibility for the choices you make, you are taking the first step in becoming a conscious creator of your experiences. If you wish to use these principles safely, you will only need to become very aware. Become aware of what you think, remember, say and do. If however, you wish to use them in a potentially unsafe fashion to create pain and discomfort to yourself and/or others, you need do nothing for you already are using them subconsciously and your life will be much as it currently is.

One goal of the creativity perspective is to give you a way to know what serves or does not serve your best interests. To do this, we must become aware of the decision and choices we make and why we choose and decide what we do. We often wonder why our life is the way it is and can be so threatening to what we hold dear, yet we seldom look carefully at our life to see how it came to be the way it is and where that threat ultimately come from. The premise of this material is for you to use what is effective and utilize effectiveness of these principles as your measure of truth and in your own way, explore and discover how to make them more effective in your life. If we can use a principle to understand and explain a current situation and predict a future event or outcome, then the principle can be said to be effective and, according to our measure of truth, the principle can be said to be true. However, if the principle cannot explain either the current situation or predict a future outcome, then the principle would not be considered effective and not considered as being true. Only you can judge if the principles within this technology are effective in your life and only you can choose to apply them in your life. The choice for what you experience is, was and always will be your choice. You are free to choose as you wish.

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